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TEAL for In-service Educators

TEAL is designed to provide in-service educators with quality, no-cost online learning in arts integration. Important background and useful, practical material and resources are made available to K-6 teachers and administrators. Both new and experienced teachers and teacher leaders will find the integration of an art form with their curriculum is an invigorating approach to teaching and learning, with many benefits to both teachers and students. There is substantial research that shows the positive effects of the arts on school and classroom culture, student behavior, and student learning.

What does TEAL Offer to Districts and Charter Networks?

TEAL Districts and charters are able to attend no-cost professional development to develop the skills of their TEAL coaches and administrators. Using the blended learning platform, TEAL coaches, administrators and teachers further their understanding of arts integration the skills needed to integrate an art form with another content area as well as to align with Common Core and other content area standards. TEAL educators have access to the online toolkit that consists of the TEAL website, an online PLC, archived and live webinars, eight learning modules, and multiple downloadable lesson plans, PD tools, and other resources.

The Role of TEAL Coaches, Administrators, and Teachers

A TEAL coach is a point person who supports TEAL teachers using blended professional development and in-person coaching. The TEAL coach can select from materials, resources and strategies made available through the online modules, PLC, webinars, website, and through access to professional teaching artists and arts educators. The online PLC is a social network for teachers and is used by the TEAL community. Consultants, teachers and administrators are all welcome to join the TEAL PLC, sharing their insights, lessons, and lessons learned. An additional online resource are the archived and live webinars offered by TEAL staff and partnering specialists, covering topics of interest to the participants and offering the community an opportunity to interact at a distance.

The TEAL online modules use the content standards for Visual and Performing Arts for California Public Schools and the California Common Core State Standards as touchstones for content objectives. Learning is accomplished through engagement with video examples, readings, and activities that guide participants in the practices that support the authentic integration of the arts and other content areas. Pre and post assessments, quizzes, questions for reflection, demonstrations and activities can be used individually or with a group are found throughout the modules. There are eight modules, spanning the five arts disciplines (Visual arts, dance, music, theatre, and media arts), STEAM, and Social and Emotional Learning and the Arts.

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