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TEAL Professional Development and Project Site Implementation

For in-service educators, each district or charter school identifies teachers and administrators who become TEAL coaches and administrators. TEAL coaches gain an understanding of arts integration, focusing on what authentic integration looks like, the benefits and challenges. They engage in face-to-face interaction to familiarize themselves with skills needed to integrate an art form with the Common Core and other content areas, meeting objectives in all areas. They may also learn the ways in which the arts empower student voice and develop socially and emotionally.

TEAL coaches and the administrator return to their districts and share their learning with K-6 teachers. The TEAL coaches may conduct group professional development for teachers or work with their colleagues on an individual basis. Webinars and modules can be used to facilitate PD, and the online PLC is a convenient way to connect with colleagues in and outside of school sites. The Edmodo PLC allows teachers to connect with one another, the TEAL staff, and the TEAL coaches and administrators. The TEAL coaches assist teachers with design, implementation, and assessment of an arts integrated lesson.